Figuring it Out: New York, New Me

The first job out of college gets talked about plenty. It’s likely you move to a new city and hopefully have a group of friends that makes the transition a little less daunting. Over the years, you discover the cool places to go and quickly learn the ‘intern bars’ so you can stay far, far away. You develop routines and figure out what hobbies are worth your spare time. Soon enough, you feel like a real-life TripAdvisor, giving your visiting friends recommendations left and right.

I was finally comfortable, but I wasn’t happy. The routine I sought for comfort quickly became tedious. I needed new excitement. I felt the need to broadcast to my social media followers that my life was going great. But, I’m bad at faking it. If I don’t like something, I have no problem Irish exiting the first chance I get.

This realization spearheaded my next adventure: New York. I made the jump in July and almost instantly I got a taste of what I’d expected.

Within five minutes of parking the car, neighbors were already coming outside to yell at me as a line of cars simultaneously honked for us to move the truck. My Serbian roommate helped me move in, but failed to mention he was taking the only AC unit. It didn’t help that New York was in the middle of another record heat wave. My stress was through the roof, but I couldn’t be happier – I finally made it to New York City.

Moving here has been everything I hoped and more. I love my job, seeing all my friends and experiencing all the other sights and sounds that New York provides. This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

I invite you to take a quick pulse on how your life's going. You have the ability to dictate the next step in your life and you shouldn’t let other people control or tell you their is a certain ‘right’ way to move forward.

My first step in achieving this level of happiness was honesty. Although mostly extroverted, I sometimes struggle with anxiety in large social settings. I’ve never admitted this before, but I think it’s important in my quest for honesty.

I hope all of you that might have some doubts know you’re not in this alone. So many people you know are going through similar things and want to help you achieve your best self. Never be afraid to ask for help. In this, you will find true happiness.  

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